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We began working with JET back in 2004 while doing "Biker Build-off" on the Discovery Channel. We had just opened the shop and were in desperate need of some equipment. JET supplied us with a small lathe, band saw and sander, which not only helped us complete the build but we still use all of those tools in the shop today.

Today, we work with the JET Metalworking Department in the Nashville area to help develop and promote products. We test many of their prototypes and give feedback to help make them better for the end user. JET employs great people and they make great products at a reasonable price.

Lincoln Electric | Welding
Lincoln Electric

Bryan was on "Overhaulin'" in the early days of the show and at that time he really needed some welders. Switching shops and crews each build meant there was no consistency in equipment. Bud Brutsman, the producer of “Overhaulin’” gave Bryan the license to call around and see if someone would help. Lincoln stepped up and supplied the crew with much needed TIG, MIG, and plasma cutters as well as protective gear and helmets. Subsequently, Chip Foose and Foose Design became Lincoln convertees. With Lincoln’s continued support, Bryan and co-author, Mark Prosser, have just finished their second book release "Full-Bore Welding" available now. Their goal is to get folks over the fear of welding and realize what a fun hobby and rewarding career it can be.

Industrial Depot | Fasteners, Hardware, Shop Supplies
Industrial Depot

Based in Gainesville, GA, Industrial Depot is a supply company that specializes in customer service. They have set us up with Fasteners, Sandpaper, Tape, and all kinds of other supplies we regularly use. Industrial Depot keeps up with stock and fills when necessary. This saves us time ordering, looking, and waiting so we can do what we love....Making Forged Metal Machines!

Workshop Hero | Metal Rescue
OTC Tools

“OTC” stands for the Owatonna Tool Company and they've been around since the turn of the century. Recently they were acquired by the Bosch group. What surprised us was how many niche tools OTC has come up. Professional mechanics have found lots of uses for the OTC catalog and now there is a new Motorcycle lineup as well.

SweetWater Brewing Company
SweetWater Brewing Company

At the shop, we have been known to drink a beer or two at the end of the day!When we first partnered up with SweetWater not many people knew about SweetWater outside of Atlanta. Now they are widely distributed and even available on Delta flights. Come to one of our events, and we will always have SweetWater flowing.