Millennium Fueller

The Fueller for those of you that don’t remember is a combination of Fuller and Buell...ala “Fueller”. The first was done for Biker Build-Off and this is the last of the run of 5. On all of these bikes, we started with an XB-12. Using the front end, brakes, bearings, Engine and Trans Assembly, and Wiring Components we were able to take an American Sport Bike and put it into more of a cruiser riding position. These bikes are fast and fun! The frames are made of 4130 Chromoly custom for each of the 5 customers. Most of the brackets were cut on our MultiCam water jet, and the bungs were CNC lathed. We made our own wheels and hubs, which are one of the cooler pieces we believe. They’re designed around the stock rotor, caliper, bearings and front end of the stock Buell...but in a 21” size. This way we can use their brakes right off the shelf. Replacement components are easy as well as they need to be replaced over time. photos: Silver Piston Photography @silverpistonphotography