Learn to TIG Weld Surrounded by P-51 Mustangs at Airmotive Specialties!

Posted: Sep 26 2016


The Full-Bore boys are back at it, bringing their unique informative and fun welding educational seminar to Airmotive Specialties facility in Salinas California. This two-day seminar will focus on TIG welding of steel and aluminum. The hands on approach are geared for anyone interested in getting into the welding world on any level.

Airmotive Specialties is a premier aircraft maintenance and restoration facility that specializes in corporate aircraft and helicopter maintenance and management and complete restorations of the world famous North American P51 fighter. The owners have invited Full-Bore to the west coast to share their knowledge of the TIG welding process and techniques in a fresh and infotaining delivery.

Saturday will focus on welding steel and Sunday will focus on welding aluminum. The day will begin with introductions around the room, a short lecture on the science of the TIG process and then hands on welding for the rest of the day. Lunch and beverages will be provided. Please bring ALL welding questions, a positive attitude, long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and close-toed shoes.

Full-Bore would like to thank Dave and Mari for inviting them to Airmotives to perform one of their specialized educational seminars. Bryan and Mark are very excited for the opportunity to help you begin your career or increase the skills you have now. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with an excellent learning experience.

These seminars are focused for small select groups with beginning through intermediate skill levels. Whether you’ve never touched a TIG welder or even if you do have some experience, you will leave with better skills, more knowledge and the confidence to know you are doing it the right way. Topics covered include, TIG welding process, materials, puddle manipulation techniques, testing your welds, fillers, tungsten, polarities, procedures and all the other little things that make the big difference. 

Classes will be kept small to ensure great value and plenty of hands on time. The day will begin with introductions, lecture, and then hours of hands on welding. Students will be provided lunch, Full-Bore Books, Lincoln Electric and Fuller Moto swag. This is a specialized training performed by two people that operate at the highest levels of their trade, one a world-class builder and the other a professional instructor. Combined they deliver a very informative, exciting seminar that will surely have you feeling it was worth every nickel.

Saturday November 19, 2016 | TIG Welding Steel
Sunday November 20, 2016 | TIG Welding Aluminum

Location: Airmotives Specialties, 37 Mortensen Ave, Salinas, California 93905 

Time: 8-5pm

Safety gear and tools will be provided.

If you need any further assistance with your planning, please contact Paige at 404-824-4509. 

Full-Bore LIVE! | Learn to TIG Weld at Airmotive Specialities in Salinas, California

Airmotives Specialties in Salinas California

Airmotives Specialties in Salinas California

Airmotives Specialites in Salinas California

Airmotive Specialties in Salinas California

Airmotives Spec

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