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  • Limited Edition Street Tracker by Fuller Moto

    Posted 07 October 2016

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER began with the collaboration between Central Ohio’s Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Fuller Moto to create the new Team Ducati Flat Track Race Bike to compete in the American Flat Track Series (AFT); formerly known as AMA Pro Flat Track. The team of David and Michael Lloyd of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports has been involved in motorcycle racing for 30 years. In 2015, Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Fuller Moto partnered to create a new race chassis utilizing innovative design and engineering processes. The motorcycle has since proven itself as a highly acclaimed Flat Track Racer in the AFT Series.

    Fuller Moto is pleased to present an Exclusive Offer of ten (10) LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER Projects available from Chassis Rollers to full Turn-Key, Design-Build Custom Bikes.

    Taken straight from the track, the AFT Series Race Chassis provides the backbone of the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER. Each chassis is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team JIG. Every bung, plate, and tube is CNC Designed, Machined, and Laser-Cut with exacting precision. The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER is expertly hand-assembled and Lincoln Electric TIG welded by Master Fabricator Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto.

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER frame includes Aluminum Neck Cups machined for Ducati bearings. Crankcase Breathers are routed through the backbone and exit the neck, finished with a Factory Racing Filter located behind the number plate. The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER frame can be purchased with the FM Swingarm; and FM can install custom-mounted Foot Controls.

    Fuller Moto made subtle enhancements to the Race Chassis ergonomics for the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER to include +3-degree rake; 1-inch stretch; and swingarm modifications to slightly lengthen the wheelbase. The chassis will accept OEM spec fork clamps. The end result is a peerless platform derived from a racing heritage, with the added benefits of rigidity and significantly reduced weight (320 lbs. wet); all realized in the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER.

    Any Modern, Air-Cooled Ducati Twin Drivetrain will fit the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER chassis. Available options include custom FM Stainless Steel Exhaust featuring exclusive prototype Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers to help finish the full Design-Build Custom from Fuller Moto.

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    If interested in this #1 out of the Limited Series, please contact us at Frame, swing-arm, roller or complete bike available for purchase.


    Serial Number:
    #1 of 10 - FULLER MOTO Limited Edition Series

    FULLER MOTO STREET TRACKER - Custom Prototype - Frame and Swingarm

    Ducati Monster 796 (Lloyd Brothers Racing) – Crate Motor
    Wiring, ECU, Custom Map (The Duc Shop)

    FULLER MOTO Stainless, Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers, prototype

    Front – Ohlins FG511 Inverted Forks, TTX Racing Fork Cartridge Kit
    Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps
    Rear – Fox Shox Racing – Custom

    Dubya USA, Custom Prototype
    Talon Billet Pro Hubs
    Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”)
    Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples

    Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT, prototype
    Front: 27.0 X 7.0 X 19
    Rear: 27.5 X 7.5 X 19

    First Klass Glass – Street Tracker – FM Custom

    Brembo M50 Caliper
    EBC Rotors (320mm / 240mm)

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

  • The High-Performance Nighthawk | Fueled by Passion

    Posted 04 August 2016

    At Fuller Moto, we believe in those who find something they love and go after it with the highest level of commitment. Dedicated to his creative vision and fueled by his passion, Sloan MacKarvich goes the distance to bring the high-performance 'Nighthawk' to life. Fuller Moto is proud to be helping the MacKarvich team finish this passion project. Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates of this project until its final completion... 

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan Mackarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Growing up in a family manufacturing and fabrication business is a great source of pride, and makes for unique experiences as one learns both a trade and hopefully how to manage a dynamic business. However and as many know well, one's professional career may not marry up with what someone is truly passionate about outside of work. Sloan MacKarvich has always had a passion for anything with a motor that happens to go fast, but he is also equally passionate over discovering new ways to employ a wide array of fabrication assets. His father Chuck MacKarvich, started Tie Down Engineering 45 years ago in a one car garage with an old Lincoln Buzzbox welder. Since then, Tie Down has grown to nine world class manufacturing facilities. With the strength and versatility of Tie Down Engineering, Sloan began to seek his entrance into the automotive world. After meeting Bryan Fuller, he became fascinated by the custom projects at Fuller Moto and was hooked. He shared with Bryan his desire to be in the automotive industry but had no idea how to go about it. Bryan’s simple advice to Sloan was "Just do it man!" Although not in the same industry segment as Fuller, through the Industrial Laser Solutions division, Tie Down began to support various vehicle projects ranging from a monocoque bus chassis to military vehicle armor systems. These opportunities and lessons would further hone a capability that would play a unique role in what is now a very successful vehicle adaption.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan Mackarvich Tie Down Engineering

    After the completion of the vehicle armor project, Sloan was approached by Warren van Nus and Kevin Patrick. Kevin had been importing a new race car frame from the UK under the Exomotive brand.  They were pitching an opportunity to redesign the “Exocet” under license for the US market. Warren van Nus's new design utilized the manufacturing capabilities of Tie Down Engineering, and an innovative laser-cut tab and slot system reduced chassis weld time from 35 to less than 9 man-hours. As a cost saving measure, they were even able to utilize existing CNC bend tooling from the armor project. With those precise bending operations of tubing and sheet metal, Warren's new frame was precise enough to self-jig on a special laser-cut table. This brought high-quality production to the low volume grassroots world of motorsports.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    The new Tie Down built frame was measured to be about seven times stiffer than the original and the safety structure complied with all major sanctioning bodies for road course use. After the initial success of launch, production of that initial vehicle and is now among the most successful low volume enthusiast vehicles available.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Once production was running smoothly, Warren and Sloan wished to apply the lessons learned from the Exocet to a vehicle with higher performance goals. First, they built a 525hp LS3-powered 1700 lb Exocet in conjunction with Exomotive. From that V8-powered beast came an idea to use OEM-derived components in a mid-engine, rear-transmission tube frame supercar.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Dubbed the “Nighthawk”, a new chassis was engineered with new manufacturing technologies, closed-loop CNC tube bending and CNC panel folding. This car’s goal was to provide a raw, visceral connection between car and driver. The frame was designed for stiffness, lightness, crash protection, and driver involvement. The design was a collaborative effort with automotive designer Kevin Miron. The Nighthawk prototype is being finished at Bryan Fuller’s shop in Atlanta.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering



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