Swap Meet Showdown Premiere - This Week On Velocity Channel

Posted: Sep 06 2016

Fuller Moto | Swap Meet Showdown On Velocity Channel

Bryan Fuller will host a TV pilot this week, alongside Atlanta builders - Wes Hines, Derek Kimes, Jesse Spade and Austin Peters on Discovery's Velocity Network, called Swap Meet Showdown. This episode was filmed at the Carlisle Spring Swap Meet, a collector and classic car swap meet, car corral and auction that is held each April in America’s Automotive Hometown, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Fuller challenges two teams - "Team Atlanta" versus "Team Carlisle" by giving them each $1,000 of hard cash and an old golf cart before sending them into the swap. In their on-site mobile shop they have to build a burnout vehicle capable of frying the tires and wowing the crowd, and all while beating the clock. The team with the modified golf cart that is able to perform the best burnout is then crowned the winner. It's an entertaining mix of personalities combined with an ambitious quick turnaround that tests both teams' mechanical skills. Swap Meet Showdown is a show you don't want to miss!

Premiere Airs: Wednesday, September 7th - 10:30pm on Discovery's Velocity Channel

Tools provided by: Lincoln Electric & JET Industrial 


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