The Cadillac Thundertaker Goes to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

Posted: Mar 27 2016

Barrett Jackson
The Cadillac Thundertaker by Bryan Fuller | Fuller Moto

THE THUNDERTAKER: Fuller Moto’s Devilish Custom Cadillac
March 14, 2016
Posted by Barrett-Jackson
Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson

The Mother of Convention will roll over in her grave when she sees the latest creation from Fuller Moto of Atlanta, Georgia. Bryan Fuller’s reputation for life-defining custom cars is already widely known, but the Thundertaker is one more otherworldly example of his design prowess. The 4-year, 10,000-hour, building process behind this masterful 1960 Cadillac limousine (Lot #388) offered at No Reserve at the 2016 Palm Beach Auction dramatically radiates quality and imagination everywhere you look. 
It’s no wonder the Thundertaker became an instant superstar at the world-famous SEMA Show. Hot Rod magazine and even the Discovery Channel were smitten over this creation. The project actually began as a 4-door Cadillac limousine constructed by Superior Coach of Ohio. Once in the hands of the Fuller team, the original 156-inch chassis was replaced with a state-of-the-industry Art Morrison system, which is also the longest custom chassis this company ever produced.

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