Posted: Feb 04 2015

Fuller Moto | Double Down Deuce

Photography by @MatthewJonesPhoto

The Double Down began after a sit down with Gordon McGilton and Cheryl Herrick from JET-HOT Coatings to discuss a car build. They wanted to showcase their coatings in a vehicle that could be taken to many types of racing venues: auto-cross, ice racing, or Bonneville - why not?! 

Most obvious is the big cast Winter's quick-change in the front where it doesn't belong! It's an independent rear unit made from their venerable Sprint Car roundy round models. There wasn't any blueprint on what to do since the only all wheel drive Deuce we knew of was the QuadraDeuce. Our solution was to make a custom billet transfer case on the back of the ring and pinion, forward the Boss Mammoth motor. To make room, a shorter LS style snout was machined on the crank, and only one small belt for the alternator could be fitted. 

We wanted to have all Indy style pushrod suspension, which required moving the Griffin Radiator to the rear ala Trophy Trucks. Design, pivots, and bearings are real Indy units with billet rockers. Front coil covers and rear shocks are RideTech. Water pump is rated at 54 gallons per minute. 

Design: Bryan Fuller and Nick Grafias
Built by: Fuller Moto’s Atlanta based Team
Customer: JET-HOT High Performance Coatings
Engine: 576 cu. in. Kurt Urban Prepped Jon Kaase Boss 9
Power: 825 HP
Transmission: G-Force 5 Speed
Radiator:  Griffin Radiator
Fasteners: ARP of course
Transfer Case: GM NP 149 Magnesium Case rated 1000 ft. lbs.
Rear End: Winter’s Quickchange with 4 Link
Front Drive: Winter’s Independent Quickchange
Wiring: American Autowire
Interior: Custom Fuller Buckets with John Whitaker Leather
Wheels: 15” X 10” Real Racing Aluminum
Front Susp: Custom A-Arms & Hubs with RideTech Coilers
Rear Susp: Custom 4 Link, Torsion Bars and Ride Tech Shocks
Paint: Chastin Brand, Tim Garner, and Bryan Fuller

Special Thanks: Cheryl Herrick, Gordon McGilton, Frank Kavanaugh, JET-Hot Team, Bryan Heidt, Wes Hines, Peter Fosburgh, Austin Peters, Chastin Brand, Paige Cannon Fuller, Artistic Silver Plating, Miller Powdercoating, JET Tools, Lincoln Electric, OTC, Industrial Depot, Kevin Byrd, Detroit Speed

Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down

Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down

 Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down


 Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down


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