Posted: Jan 15 2015

Kott Motorcycles: Airs 1/28 @ 10:00pm Dustin Kott has been on our radar since we first saw Benedict Campbell’s short film Café Cowboy three years ago. His philosophy and poeticism was infectious. Kott is now well known in custom bike building circles yet he remains grounded and humble as a one-man operation in his blue tin shack sandwiched between a four-lane highway and a railroad track in Newhall, CA. Kott rescues a scrapyard Honda and presents it to the Bostroms who bring along a controversial friend to ride the bike.

Loaded Gun Customs: Airs 1/28 @ 10:00pm  Kevin Dunworth loves the camera but he was told that, to get back on the program, he had to find a story the producers couldn’t say no to. That’s when he delivered Kaillie Humphries, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in bobsledding whose sweet and soft personality and attractiveness doesn’t match her intimidating athletic build. While Kaillie accepted the challenge of flying to Delaware to help build her ’72 Yamaha 650, Dunworth hesitates at the Calgary Olympic training facility when faced with the chance to pull 5 Gs in a bobsled.

NYC/Norton: Airs 2/4 @ 10:00pm  British Barn Finds is a Saratoga Springs, NY company that specializes in tracking down and restoring long forgotten British automobiles. On a recent pick they found three dilapidated school buses filled with MGs and parts. A Norton Commando was part of the lot and instead of dumping it they called vintage racer and builder Kenny Cummings at NYC/Norton to help them restore the bike.

Super Rat: Airs 2/4 @ 10:00pm  The ton isn’t enough for brothers Carl and Mark Bjorklund who love land speed racing so much that they’re willing to travel to Bonneville without enough money to return home. Carl wants to go 200 mph on a completely custom café racer and this metal fabricating mad man from Bellingham, WA has invited Naked Speed along.

Boxer Metal: Airs 2/11 @ 10:00pm   This Chico, CA shop gets the distinction of being the first to deliver a BMW to the program and Boxer Metal is going beyond just customizing an old R75. Chris Cantebury and his team will try to replicate 1976 by recreating the bike that Reg Pridmore used to win the first ever AMA Superbike championship. That means a full chassis redesign. And that’s only the first worry. The other is, does Pridmore even want to remember 1976?

Moto Corse Performance: Airs 2/11 @ 10:00pm   When money and ego come together you wind up with a Ducati that weighs less than a dirt bike and in a challenge that, realistically, you have no chance of winning. Moto Corse’s Chris Boy is a whiz at building Italian sport bikes and his challenge is to turn a used $3000 Ducati into a six-figure track bike worthy of helping him beat Ben Bostrom on a track.

Rickey Gadson: Airs 2/18 @ 10:00pm    With 10 world titles, Gadson is one of the greatest motorcycle drag racers ever but now he’s taking on his biggest challenge ever, a rebuild of his father’s 1979 Kawasaki 1300. It’s the same bike that he used in his first race at Atco Speedway in 1982. It’s the same bike that killed his father in a riding accident. After 30 years of rotting in the elements, the bike has returned to Gadson and his plan is to get it back on the strip at Atco.

Icon: Airs 2/18 @ 10:00pm    Wait. Icon? The protective gear company? Yup. Viewers will learn two things about Icon: They’re a Portland, OR-based company and they build bikes. No, you can’t buy the bikes. They’re for marketing purposes only. Naked Speed teamed with Icon to help dispel these myths and rumors and give an an inside look at the company’s sub-brand, Icon 1000, which uses an apocalyptic theme to sell to riders of unconventional motorcycles. In a Mad Max meets Days of Thunder meets Dukes of Hazard test session, Icon pushes the limits of an early 80s Suzuki sport bike.

Revival Cycles: Airs 2/25 @ 10:00pm     Austin, TX is where this pack of talented builders create stunning pieces of art. Don’t flinch when they strip a Ducati 900SS just for the motor. The fully handcrafted motorcycle is molded into a café racer so desirable that on test day the Bostroms are usurped by a former Moto GP champion.

Made in Metal: Airs 2/25 @ 10:00pm    Some may despise former male stripper Neil Adams when he takes a late 50s BSA Gold Star and turns it into a modern interpretation of a (gasp!) bobber. It’s not his call because the bike has been commissioned from a persnickety client that gets too involved with the process, a builder’s worst nightmare. The story (and build) run into trouble when the client asks for major changes close to the testing deadline.

Zeke De Zeeuw: Airs 3/4 @ 10:00pm    Maybe the kids really are all right. We first met Zeke at the Barber Vintage Festival in 2013 where he had his first bike build, “Lucky” on display. He was only 10 at the time! His second build, a Honda 175, will be documented where he receives not only fabrication advice from Fuller but the opportunity of a lifetime: a meeting with the Bostroms at the Circuit of the Americas racecourse.

Dime City Cycles: Airs 3/4 @ 10:00pm    Purists rejoice! DCC is often known as being progressive but their next build focuses on understanding the past. When they receive the opportunity to build a Triton using modern Triumph and Norton equipment they decide to travel to England to gain knowledge about the British bike culture. It was a wise decision since their client for the build is The Ace Café and OG Marc Wilsmore is the judge and jury. To learn about the past they haunt the Ace, chat up Rockers, ride down to Brighton Beach and trespass into the Triumph factory.

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