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  • Limited Edition Street Tracker by Fuller Moto

    Posted 07 October 2016

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER began with the collaboration between Central Ohio’s Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Fuller Moto to create the new Team Ducati Flat Track Race Bike to compete in the American Flat Track Series (AFT); formerly known as AMA Pro Flat Track. The team of David and Michael Lloyd of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports has been involved in motorcycle racing for 30 years. In 2015, Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Fuller Moto partnered to create a new race chassis utilizing innovative design and engineering processes. The motorcycle has since proven itself as a highly acclaimed Flat Track Racer in the AFT Series.

    Fuller Moto is pleased to present an Exclusive Offer of ten (10) LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER Projects available from Chassis Rollers to full Turn-Key, Design-Build Custom Bikes.

    Taken straight from the track, the AFT Series Race Chassis provides the backbone of the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER. Each chassis is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team JIG. Every bung, plate, and tube is CNC Designed, Machined, and Laser-Cut with exacting precision. The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER is expertly hand-assembled and Lincoln Electric TIG welded by Master Fabricator Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto.

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER frame includes Aluminum Neck Cups machined for Ducati bearings. Crankcase Breathers are routed through the backbone and exit the neck, finished with a Factory Racing Filter located behind the number plate. The LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER frame can be purchased with the FM Swingarm; and FM can install custom-mounted Foot Controls.

    Fuller Moto made subtle enhancements to the Race Chassis ergonomics for the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER to include +3-degree rake; 1-inch stretch; and swingarm modifications to slightly lengthen the wheelbase. The chassis will accept OEM spec fork clamps. The end result is a peerless platform derived from a racing heritage, with the added benefits of rigidity and significantly reduced weight (320 lbs. wet); all realized in the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER.

    Any Modern, Air-Cooled Ducati Twin Drivetrain will fit the LIMITED EDITION FM STREET TRACKER chassis. Available options include custom FM Stainless Steel Exhaust featuring exclusive prototype Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers to help finish the full Design-Build Custom from Fuller Moto.

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    If interested in this #1 out of the Limited Series, please contact us at Frame, swing-arm, roller or complete bike available for purchase.


    Serial Number:
    #1 of 10 - FULLER MOTO Limited Edition Series

    FULLER MOTO STREET TRACKER - Custom Prototype - Frame and Swingarm

    Ducati Monster 796 (Lloyd Brothers Racing) – Crate Motor
    Wiring, ECU, Custom Map (The Duc Shop)

    FULLER MOTO Stainless, Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers, prototype

    Front – Ohlins FG511 Inverted Forks, TTX Racing Fork Cartridge Kit
    Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps
    Rear – Fox Shox Racing – Custom

    Dubya USA, Custom Prototype
    Talon Billet Pro Hubs
    Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”)
    Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples

    Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT, prototype
    Front: 27.0 X 7.0 X 19
    Rear: 27.5 X 7.5 X 19

    First Klass Glass – Street Tracker – FM Custom

    Brembo M50 Caliper
    EBC Rotors (320mm / 240mm)

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

    Fuller Moto Flat Track Ducati

  • Learn to TIG Weld Surrounded by P-51 Mustangs at Airmotive Specialties!

    Posted 26 September 2016


    The Full-Bore boys are back at it, bringing their unique informative and fun welding educational seminar to Airmotive Specialties facility in Salinas California. This two-day seminar will focus on TIG welding of steel and aluminum. The hands on approach are geared for anyone interested in getting into the welding world on any level.

    Airmotive Specialties is a premier aircraft maintenance and restoration facility that specializes in corporate aircraft and helicopter maintenance and management and complete restorations of the world famous North American P51 fighter. The owners have invited Full-Bore to the west coast to share their knowledge of the TIG welding process and techniques in a fresh and infotaining delivery.

    Saturday will focus on welding steel and Sunday will focus on welding aluminum. The day will begin with introductions around the room, a short lecture on the science of the TIG process and then hands on welding for the rest of the day. Lunch and beverages will be provided. Please bring ALL welding questions, a positive attitude, long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and close-toed shoes.

    Full-Bore would like to thank Dave and Mari for inviting them to Airmotives to perform one of their specialized educational seminars. Bryan and Mark are very excited for the opportunity to help you begin your career or increase the skills you have now. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with an excellent learning experience.

    These seminars are focused for small select groups with beginning through intermediate skill levels. Whether you’ve never touched a TIG welder or even if you do have some experience, you will leave with better skills, more knowledge and the confidence to know you are doing it the right way. Topics covered include, TIG welding process, materials, puddle manipulation techniques, testing your welds, fillers, tungsten, polarities, procedures and all the other little things that make the big difference. 

    Classes will be kept small to ensure great value and plenty of hands on time. The day will begin with introductions, lecture, and then hours of hands on welding. Students will be provided lunch, Full-Bore Books, Lincoln Electric and Fuller Moto swag. This is a specialized training performed by two people that operate at the highest levels of their trade, one a world-class builder and the other a professional instructor. Combined they deliver a very informative, exciting seminar that will surely have you feeling it was worth every nickel.

    SIGN UP:
    Saturday November 19, 2016 | TIG Welding Steel
    Sunday November 20, 2016 | TIG Welding Aluminum

    Location: Airmotives Specialties, 37 Mortensen Ave, Salinas, California 93905 

    Time: 8-5pm

    Safety gear and tools will be provided.

    If you need any further assistance with your planning, please contact Paige at 404-824-4509.

    Full-Bore LIVE! | Learn to TIG Weld at Airmotive Specialities in Salinas, California

    Airmotives Specialties in Salinas California

    Airmotives Specialties in Salinas California

    Airmotives Specialites in Salinas California

    Airmotive Specialties in Salinas California

    Airmotives Spec

  • Ride to Barber Vintage Festival

    Posted 24 September 2016

    Fuller Moto | Ride to Barber Vintage Festival

    Metzeler and Fuller Moto are inviting you to take a leisurely ride from Atlanta, Georgia to Leeds, Alabama for the annual Barber Vintage Festival. We'll take the back roads most of the way winding through the countryside. Meet us at Fuller Moto from 8:00am - 9:00am for Batdorf and Bronson Coffee and light breakfast. Check out the shop, look at the cool toys while we wait for everyone to arrive. The caravan will pull out at 9:30am sharp. Be gassed up and ready. We'll stop for lunch at one of the quaint towns on the way, on us! A truck with trailer will follow us in case someone needs to be picked up on the route due to a breakdown.

    Space is limited, so sign up soon!   /// RSVP TO RIDE at ///


    ABOUT BARBER VINTAGE FESTIVAL | The Barber Vintage Festival is one of the most highly anticipated motorcycle events in the world. The three-day festival features the America's First Fan Zone with food and entertainment, Ace Corner, a Century Parade, a swap meet with hundreds of vendors selling vintage motorcycles and parts, as well as the AMCA and VJMC gatherings, and the Motorcycle Classics show.

    ABOUT METZELER | Metzeler is a German motorcycle tire manufacturer focused on quality and performance. Our mission is to continuously develop products on the cutting edge of technology to meet the needs and expectations of motorcyclists' needs.


  • Swap Meet Showdown Premiere - This Week On Velocity Channel

    Posted 06 September 2016

    Fuller Moto | Swap Meet Showdown On Velocity Channel

    Bryan Fuller will host a TV pilot this week, alongside Atlanta builders - Wes Hines, Derek Kimes, Jesse Spade and Austin Peters on Discovery's Velocity Network, called Swap Meet Showdown. This episode was filmed at the Carlisle Spring Swap Meet, a collector and classic car swap meet, car corral and auction that is held each April in America’s Automotive Hometown, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

    Fuller challenges two teams - "Team Atlanta" versus "Team Carlisle" by giving them each $1,000 of hard cash and an old golf cart before sending them into the swap. In their on-site mobile shop they have to build a burnout vehicle capable of frying the tires and wowing the crowd, and all while beating the clock. The team with the modified golf cart that is able to perform the best burnout is then crowned the winner. It's an entertaining mix of personalities combined with an ambitious quick turnaround that tests both teams' mechanical skills. Swap Meet Showdown is a show you don't want to miss!

    Premiere Airs: Wednesday, September 7th - 10:30pm on Discovery's Velocity Channel

    Tools provided by: Lincoln Electric & JET Industrial 


  • The High-Performance Nighthawk | Fueled by Passion

    Posted 04 August 2016

    At Fuller Moto, we believe in those who find something they love and go after it with the highest level of commitment. Dedicated to his creative vision and fueled by his passion, Sloan MacKarvich goes the distance to bring the high-performance 'Nighthawk' to life. Fuller Moto is proud to be helping the MacKarvich team finish this passion project. Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates of this project until its final completion... 

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan Mackarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Growing up in a family manufacturing and fabrication business is a great source of pride, and makes for unique experiences as one learns both a trade and hopefully how to manage a dynamic business. However and as many know well, one's professional career may not marry up with what someone is truly passionate about outside of work. Sloan MacKarvich has always had a passion for anything with a motor that happens to go fast, but he is also equally passionate over discovering new ways to employ a wide array of fabrication assets. His father Chuck MacKarvich, started Tie Down Engineering 45 years ago in a one car garage with an old Lincoln Buzzbox welder. Since then, Tie Down has grown to nine world class manufacturing facilities. With the strength and versatility of Tie Down Engineering, Sloan began to seek his entrance into the automotive world. After meeting Bryan Fuller, he became fascinated by the custom projects at Fuller Moto and was hooked. He shared with Bryan his desire to be in the automotive industry but had no idea how to go about it. Bryan’s simple advice to Sloan was "Just do it man!" Although not in the same industry segment as Fuller, through the Industrial Laser Solutions division, Tie Down began to support various vehicle projects ranging from a monocoque bus chassis to military vehicle armor systems. These opportunities and lessons would further hone a capability that would play a unique role in what is now a very successful vehicle adaption.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan Mackarvich Tie Down Engineering

    After the completion of the vehicle armor project, Sloan was approached by Warren van Nus and Kevin Patrick. Kevin had been importing a new race car frame from the UK under the Exomotive brand.  They were pitching an opportunity to redesign the “Exocet” under license for the US market. Warren van Nus's new design utilized the manufacturing capabilities of Tie Down Engineering, and an innovative laser-cut tab and slot system reduced chassis weld time from 35 to less than 9 man-hours. As a cost saving measure, they were even able to utilize existing CNC bend tooling from the armor project. With those precise bending operations of tubing and sheet metal, Warren's new frame was precise enough to self-jig on a special laser-cut table. This brought high-quality production to the low volume grassroots world of motorsports.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    The new Tie Down built frame was measured to be about seven times stiffer than the original and the safety structure complied with all major sanctioning bodies for road course use. After the initial success of launch, production of that initial vehicle and is now among the most successful low volume enthusiast vehicles available.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Once production was running smoothly, Warren and Sloan wished to apply the lessons learned from the Exocet to a vehicle with higher performance goals. First, they built a 525hp LS3-powered 1700 lb Exocet in conjunction with Exomotive. From that V8-powered beast came an idea to use OEM-derived components in a mid-engine, rear-transmission tube frame supercar.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

    Dubbed the “Nighthawk”, a new chassis was engineered with new manufacturing technologies, closed-loop CNC tube bending and CNC panel folding. This car’s goal was to provide a raw, visceral connection between car and driver. The frame was designed for stiffness, lightness, crash protection, and driver involvement. The design was a collaborative effort with automotive designer Kevin Miron. The Nighthawk prototype is being finished at Bryan Fuller’s shop in Atlanta.

    The High-Performance Nighthawk | Sloan MacKarvich Tie Down Engineering

  • Fuller Moto's Bavarian Knight in Cycle World

    Posted 01 August 2016

    Cycle World logo

    BMW R75/5 Café Racer by Bryan Fuller

    via @Cycleworld
    photos: Jeff Allen

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | BMW R75-5 Cafe Racer Bavarian Knight Cycle World

    I breezed right past Bryan Fuller’s latest custom at the Handbuilt Show last April. With my third “Vintagent” cocktail in hand (nice touch, Revival) and a loud party slowly gyrating through the hall, the BMW R75/5 “toaster tank” café racer, in its quiet black and silver livery, was hidden amidst a sea of “look at me” customs. A thoughtful (sober) friend took my elbow, whispering, “You need to see this bike,” and while the party roared, my head quieted, taking in Fuller’s gorgeous subtleties.

    It’s as discreet as is possible for a radically lightened, classically shaped café racer, mostly due to the minimalist paint and non-bling finish—even the originally chrome “toaster” panels on the tank have been swapped for aluminum. The back end is cleaned up with a monoshock, but otherwise, the architecture is standard, including the stock, vintage drums up front. With the heavy /5 mufflers swapped for a pair of 1960s-style trumpets and classic bump-stop racing seat, this bike says “built in 1970,” except nobody built them this well 45 years ago. Nor as slim—the café seat of BMW’s 1973 R90S is twice the width of Fuller’s bike. This highlights the design freedom custom builders enjoy, which factories just can’t match, a point reinforced in a recent conversation with Edgar Heinrichs (BMW’s head of design), when asked if BMW could make a “simple” motorcycle again. “With a 5-liter airbox and 7-liter exhaust required by law—no.” So dig your free-breathing, noisy mofo vintage customs, baby, while you can.


  • Shogun On Display at 'Motorcycles as Art' Michael Lichter Exhibit

    Posted 01 August 2016

    Michael Lichter's 'Motorcycles as Art' exhibit opens during the 2016 Sturgis Rally with the Shogun on display at The Buffalo Chip. See a teaser image of The Shogun below. Stay tuned! Many more images coming soon...

    Shogun by Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Buffalo Chip Sturgis Rally Michael Lichter Motorcycle Exhibit


    photo: @stevewest



  • Caffeine and Octane At The Beach

    Posted 01 August 2016

    Caffeine and Octane Car Show Jekyll Island Atlanta’s largest & most unique monthly car show, Caffeine and Octane, is hitting the road! Jekyll Island, one of Georgia’s “Golden Isles”, will host the inaugural Caffeine and Octane At The Beach March 17-19, 2017. This will be a unique three day event chock full of all things mechanized and cool, just as people have come to expect from Caffeine and Octane. Founders Bruce Piefke and Bryan Fuller will be ratcheting things up a notch with a full schedule of activities for gearheads and their families.

    Get revved up starting Friday morning with a community breakfast and family bicycle ride (bikes available for rent or bring your own), then go polish up your skills with workshops hosted by some of the top talent in the automotive industry. Workshops include: TIG Welding with Mark Prosser, Modern Supercar Engineering with Kevin Byrd, Techniques in Design, Automotive Tuning and more! Finish up Friday by celebrating St. Patrick’s day with us at Jekyll Island’s brand new Beachside Village.

    Hit the ground running on Saturday with a classic car parade and all day car show! The excitement builds as top custom motorcycle builders from around the country compete in The Forged Invitational. Held inside the Jekyll Island Convention Center rows of hand crafted motorcycles will be on display as Jekyll’s Great Dunes Park beach provides an amazing backdrop. Only the most creative and skilled builders will qualify for this unique high end motorcycle exhibition. Of course there will still be plenty of time to polish up your skills as the workshops continue. Kids can also get hands-on and learn building & customization skills with build events geared specifically for kids. Wrap up the day with southern-style Shrimp and Grits at the prestigious Jekyll Island Club followed by a free movie on the lawn. Night owls won’t want to miss the special after party starting at 10:00 pm.

    Saturday and Sunday brings the first ever Caffeine and Octane show at the beach! Once the sun comes up the horsepower will start rolling in to the grounds of the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Keeping to Caffeine and Octane tradition all things awesome are welcome at the show. You never know what you will see at Caffeine and Octane. Customs, classics, resto mods, muscle cars, antiques, exotics, imports, military vehicles, motorcycles, even powerboats are all welcome! Due to space limitations though we require all display vehicles to register, details and pricing can be found at

    Don’t miss this chance to experience a weekend of world class speed & style set against the backdrop of Georgia’s historic Jekyll Island. For more information about tickets, registration, accommodations, workshops, and a full schedule of events visit

    Follow Caffeine and Octane for Updates: Instagram | Facebook  

    /// LEARN MORE ///


  • The Drive Book Featuring The Double Down

    Posted 01 July 2016

    Got our copy of THE DRIVE this week and we couldn't be more stoked to have been a part of this amazing collaboration of custom cars and their builders! Fuller Moto's Jet-Hot Double Down was featured and we even made the back cover! See more on this book by Gestalten.

    About This Book

    From early hot rods and lowriders to modern tuning: this book presents a voluptuous variety of unique cars from around the world. Automobiles have been tuned, restored, and rebuilt for years, but —whether made for leisurely cruising or peak performance —today’s machines are more interesting than ever before. After exploring custom motorcycles in The Ride and The Ride 2nd Gear, it’s high time to focus on the four-wheeled scene.

    The Drive breaks down barriers between custom car scenes and spotlights the best of the best. European sports cars and hot rods. Lowriders and widebodies. Featuring ambassadors like Ken Block and Magnus Walker, innovators like Ringbrothers and ICON, legends like George Barris and RE-Amemiya, and many others, The Drive provides detailed portraits of numerous personas and projects. Bold photo spreads, profiles of builders, and exclusive essays celebrate the variety of automotive craftsmanship.

    The story told with The Drive showcases the diversity and reach of this custom movement. Each car is utterly unique; each builder a true personality. Passion and craft join within the walls of their workshops in North America, Europe, and Asia. The resulting vehicles —and this book —are for anyone for whom a car is undoubtedly more than just a way to get around. Buckle up for a world tour of custom car culture.

    The Drive Book by Gestalten - Custom Cars and Their Builders | Fuller Moto

  • New TV Pilot Filming at Spring Carlisle Swap Meet

    Posted 13 April 2016

    Carlisle Collector Swap Meet with Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto

    Yes, he is at it again! Join Bryan Fuller at Spring Carlisle for a new TV pilot he is hosting for Discovery's Velocity channel. This show highlights the swap meet and all that it has to offer, including the unique pieces and parts and the men and women who make the swap meet at Carlisle such a success. If you’re a vendor, or simply a customer working the swap meet area, you just might find yourself on TV. This pilot program will air on prime time at some point this summer. Two teams will compete against one another to find specific items within the swap meet, culminating in a build and burnout to wrap the competition. Bring your best items for sale and your automotive passions to Carlisle to get in on the action. Don't miss the chance to vote for your favorite team on Saturday. Crowd favorite wins. 


    APR 20-24, 2016
    Gate Times: Wed.-Sat. 7am-6pm • Sun. 7am-3pm
    Admission: Daily Wed.- Sat. $10 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $30
    Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

    /// MORE ON THIS EVENT /// 

    Carlisle Car Collector Swap Meet

  • The BMW Bavarian Knight

    Posted 07 April 2016

    Q & A with Bryan Fuller

    What’s the origin of the Bavarian Knight?
    The Bavarian Knight is a 1975 R75/5 that began as a big pile of parts from all different bikes. The owner, John Yeosock initially purchased a stash of old take-offs from John Landstrom at Blue Moon Cycles. Not knowing what to make of all these parts, he contacted me to see if I could help. Together, we rummaged John’s warehouse and picked up all the parts we felt we needed to put together a modern, yet classic vintage BMW cafe racer.

    Why the classic look? Classic BMWs are widely known for having a distinct and distinguished minimalist design aesthetic. We wanted to build something that could have originally come from the factories back in the 70’s, but with modern touches. That era of Beemers were some of the most beautiful bikes built. The BMW engine and parts are really clean the way they designed them back then, which is very much in line with how FM approachs design today.

    What was the biggest design challenge?
    The most challenging part of the build was extending the swingarm. We had to cut the metal in the front of the swingarm in order to get the boot to line up just right, as well as keep the original boot intact.

    What are some of the unique design details of the build?
    Seat - The seat is made from a lived-in, vintage leather jacket. It had just the right amount of wear to become the ideal basis for the seat. The pleats in the seat are the lower part of the jacket and the snaps on the sleeves are what hold the seat on.

    Tail Section - We cut off the old dual shock and made a new tail section out of chromoly then we took the toaster tank shape and tried to emulate the best we could to make the design cohesive so they both looked similar. We made the sides of the tail section out of polished aluminum. Tail light is out of a ’53 Buick porthole from the trim of the fender.

    Gas cap - We decided to emulate the latch system inspired from a Grolsch beer bottle. We made the cap out of aluminum and made our own gasket. Super B, our lead fabricator made the cap by hand out of stainless.

    What’s your favorite part of the bike?
    The gas cap is a very unique piece and the stainless exhaust hangers that hang the martini-glass stainless mufflers are some of my favorites. I am very happy with the fit, finish and overall style and appearance of The Bavarian Knight. This bike is timeless.

    Where will you be showcasing this bike?
    The Handbuilt Show - Austin, Texas - April 8-10
    The Quail Motorcycle Gathering - Carmel, California - May 13


    Design: Bryan Fuller
    Built by: Fuller Moto’s Atlanta based Team

    - 1975 BMW R75/5 750cc donor bike
    - Drivetrain by Boxerworks in Watkinsville, Georgia
    - Swingarm lengthened 2" with FOX Shox mono shock
    - Custom rear frame and aluminum tail section, Buick porthole taillight
    - Custom aluminum polished tank and tail trim
    - Grolsch inspired gas cap clasp of stainless
    - ARP 12 point stainless bolts
    - Vincent front fender
    - Electronic ignition, Speedcell Lithium battery, American Autowire vintage wiring
    - Stainless steel exhaust and custom plate mount


    The BMW Bavarian Knight Grolsch bottle inspired gas cap by Fuller Moto

     photos: @matthewjonesphoto

  • The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2016 Weekend Events

    Posted 07 April 2016

    Fuller Moto Heads to The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2016 Austin

    Fuller Moto crew is headed to Austin, Texas this week for one of the top moto weekends of the year. We are hauling The BMW Bavarian Knight, The Indian Chief Ambassador, and the 1976 Ducati Cavello Nero by Bryan Heidt, “Super B”, who is Fuller Moto’s lead fabricator.

    Our weekend begins with the move-in of The Bavarian Knight into The Hand Built Show hosted by Revival Cycles and sponsored this year by BMW Motorrad and our favorite welding company, Lincoln Electric. The Hand Built Show occurs Thurs-Sun and showcases the talents of some of the best bike builders in the industry, all in a great Austin atmosphere, surrounded by original artwork and lots of interesting and friendly, beer-drinking moto enthusiasts.

    Friday night Super Hooligan kicks off and then is followed by the Grand National Flat Track at Circuit of the Americas on Saturday. Don't miss Lloyd Brothers Motosports in action for the first time. Fuller Moto built the Ducati frames for this year’s team. We will be there rooting them on!

    An absolute must-do during this entire weekend is MotoGP. MotoGP is the world’s top league for grand prix motorcycle racing. This is the only time you can catch MotoGP in the US right now. One of the best experiences is getting to see Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle it out at 200 mph. These guys take on the impossible turn like it’s nothing.

    Last but not least, all weekend long there is The Lonestar Roundup a huge car show with amazing Kustoms and Hot Rods from all over the country. We will be there to see amazing rides and live music.

    It is definitely a Texas - sized weekend for the Fuller Moto crew. See you there!

    The Indian Chief Ambassador Motorcycle by Bryan Fuller - Fuller Moto

  • The Chief Ambassador by Fuller Moto

    Posted 01 April 2016

    The Indian Chief Ambassador by Fuller Moto

    Design: Bryan Fuller
    Built by: Fuller Moto’s Atlanta based Team

    - 1933 Indian frame
    - 1940-46 Indian Chief sheet metal
    - 1969 Moto Guzzi Ambassador drivetrain
    - Moto Guzzi drum brakes, headlight, gas caps and petcocks, hand and foot controls
    - JD Harley-Davidson mufflers
    - Completed over 800 trouble-free miles at Sturgis 2012 before engine build
    - Many thanks to Jon Kaase Racing for increasing displacement to 1000cc
  • The Cadillac Thundertaker Goes to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

    Posted 27 March 2016

    Barrett Jackson
    The Cadillac Thundertaker by Bryan Fuller | Fuller Moto

    THE THUNDERTAKER: Fuller Moto’s Devilish Custom Cadillac
    March 14, 2016
    Posted by Barrett-Jackson
    Written by independent automotive journalist Roger C. Johnson

    The Mother of Convention will roll over in her grave when she sees the latest creation from Fuller Moto of Atlanta, Georgia. Bryan Fuller’s reputation for life-defining custom cars is already widely known, but the Thundertaker is one more otherworldly example of his design prowess. The 4-year, 10,000-hour, building process behind this masterful 1960 Cadillac limousine (Lot #388) offered at No Reserve at the 2016 Palm Beach Auction dramatically radiates quality and imagination everywhere you look. 
    It’s no wonder the Thundertaker became an instant superstar at the world-famous SEMA Show. Hot Rod magazine and even the Discovery Channel were smitten over this creation. The project actually began as a 4-door Cadillac limousine constructed by Superior Coach of Ohio. Once in the hands of the Fuller team, the original 156-inch chassis was replaced with a state-of-the-industry Art Morrison system, which is also the longest custom chassis this company ever produced.
  • A Walk Around Caffeine and Octane Atlanta

    Posted 27 March 2016

    Bryan Fuller takes a walk around Caffeine & Octane Atlanta. It was a chilly morning but there was an amazing turnout of cars, enthusiasts and fans. This video takes a closer look at just a few of the amazing rides that were on display including Bryan’s own 1936 Ford Pickup, an award winning 1929 Packard straight from Pebble Beach and a special edition 2015 Lamborghini Aventador.
  • Supercross Garage Party at Fuller Moto

    Posted 19 February 2016

    Supercross Garage Party at Fuller Moto
    It's Supercross weekend and you know what that means! Yep. It's time for a Garage Party at Fuller Moto! We'll be giving away free goodies all night long and there will be plenty of SweetWater beer on tap as well as new builds in the making. Stop by for a chance to win free tickets to Supercross on Saturday at the Georgia Dome! 

    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 - 6PM - ?
    250 ARIZONA AVE NE 30307
    (corner of Dekalb Ave & Arizona)
  • Full-Bore LIVE! Atlanta | Now I Know How to TIG!

    Posted 15 January 2016

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Learn to Weld Seminar Instructors Mark Prosser and Bryan Fuller

    Our first “Full-Bore Live” Welding Seminar at Fuller Moto in Atlanta recently was a huge success!

    About twenty beginner and intermediate TIG enthusiasts were taught by Master Welding Instructor Mark Prosser and Master Builder Bryan Fuller over a two-day class. Attendees came from all over including Boston, Charlotte, and even one fella from Melbourne, Australia!

    Bryan was inspired by everyone's enthusiasm to learn welding and the quick progress of the attendees during the seminar. “I was proud that everyone in the class showed huge improvement in their welding over just two days of training! It's pretty shocking what proper instruction, starting on the right foot and a lot of hands on practice can produce in such a short time!” 

    Instructor Mark Prosser said, "One of the most rewarding things for an instructor is seeing people with no experience completely step out of their comfort zone and participate in a seminar like this. They have no idea what they are doing but after two days of training they walk out the door with confidence and the fundamental skills necessary to make competent welds. There are many ways to learn to weld and trial and error is at the bottom of the list."

    Full-Bore plans on doing 6 seminars of this type around the country so keep an eye out for one near you! 

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Instructor Bryan Fuller Teaches the Science Behind Welding

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Welding Seminar Attendees Learn to Weld and Share Stories

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Welding Seminar in Atlanta

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Welding Seminar Learning to Weld

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Learn to Weld Seminar in Atlanta

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Learn to Weld Welding Seminar in Atlanta

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Learn to Weld Welding Seminar in Atlanta

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Welding Seminar with Master Welder Mark Prosser

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Testing Welds at Learn to Weld Seminar in Atlanta

    Fuller Moto | Full-Bore LIVE! Learn to Weld Seminar in Atlanta



    Posted 27 December 2015



    Fuller Moto Ducati 250 Scrambler Super Duc on BIKEEXIF

    If this Ducati 250 Scrambler seems familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it on these pages before… kinda. Meet the ‘Super Duc,’ the posh twin of Fuller Moto’s ‘Dirty Duc.’

    When Bryan Fuller had the idea for the Dirty Duc, he decided to build a pair. And much as we love the first bike, this second version is even more shareworthy—especially with Matt Jones’ stunning photos.

    /// Read Full Article on BIKEEXIF ///


    Posted 10 December 2015

    This series of videos features 12-year old Builder, Zeke DeZeeuw, who has a knack for building cafe racer bikes. Bryan Fuller takes Zeke under his wing to build a custom Honda, called The Zoiid. 


    Posted 09 December 2015

    Caffeine and Octane Atlanta
    My son and I had a great time at this month's Caffeine and Octane. Turnout was incredible with easily 1,000 cars at 7:30am on a cold December Sunday morning. We drove our 1936 Ford Truck and threw the 'Super Duc' Ducati Scrambler in the back. 

    Caffeine and Octane is a nationally recognized all makes, all models car show that regularly attracts muscle, classic, high performance and exotic cars. 8:00am – 11:00am on the first Sunday of every month, Perimeter Mall - 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Atlanta GA 30346.

    Posted 24 November 2015

    Silodrome Logo

    Fuller Moto | Jet-Hot Double Down


    The Jet-Hot Double Down is a vehicle that you’ve likely seen before. This time however there’s some new information about it that’ll likely interest the wealthier amongst you – it’s for sale.

    Fuller Moto built the extraordinary AWD 825 horsepower behemoth in 2013 for Jet-Hot Coatings, and it almost broke the internet when images of it began to emerge from its SEMA booth. The project had been headed up by Bryan Fuller – one of the most well-known custom motorcycle and car builders in the United States and host of the television program Naked Speed.

    Fuller and his team developed a chassis that fits snugly inside of a ’32 Ford body, they then shoehorned a 576 cubic inch Kurt Urban prepared Jon Kaase Boss 9 V8 under the hood, developed a custom AWD drivetrain and paired it with racing-derived suspension.

    All-wheel drive is accomplished with a Winter’s Independent Quickchange on the front, a Winter’s Quickchange with four link on the rear, a GM NP 149 magnesium transfer case in the middle and it’s all fed by a G-Force 5 Speed transmission.

    Due to the size of the engine and the location of the front Quickchange the Griffin radiator was fitted in the rear. The front-end is characterised by the twin intakes that channel air into the cavernous 9.4 litre naturally-aspirated engine.

    A close look at the engine bay reveals a very tightly packaged engine/suspension/differential all essentially occupying the same space – I’m convinced that whoever did the engineering to fit it all together and make it work is probably the man that should be placed in charge of the first manned mission to Mars.

    In order to get as much of the available 825 hp as possible down to the asphalt the Fuller Moto fitted Real Racing aluminium wheels coupled with 14-inch wide Goodyear racing slicks. Jet-Hot had stipulated that the Double Down should be capable of drag racing, auto cross, road racing, and possibly a trip to the Bonneville salt flats for a proper top speed run.

    Perhaps more than any other car I can think of, this is a car that’s unique due to its extraordinary cross-genre appeal. From the hardcore Hot Rod guys to the JDM tuners and everyone inbetween, I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t want this car. Or at the very least want a turn driving it at thoroughly illegal speeds.

    If you’d like to bid on the Jet-Hot Double Down it’ll be rolling across the auction block with Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale in Arizona on the 23rd of January 2016 – remarkably there’s no reserve price, and there’s no estimated value, although it would be exceedingly difficult to accurately guesstimate value of a car this unusual.


    Posted 09 November 2015

    Learn to Weld | Full-Bore LIVE! with Professional Instructor, Mark Prosser and World-Class Builder, Bryan Fuller

    Bryan Fuller and Mark Prosser have been friends, built projects together, written two books together, and have traveled the country together promoting the importance of the welding and sheet metal industries. The two have combined efforts again to share their skills sets in a little bit different way. After years of requests for personalized training, they have decided to begin sharing their knowledge and skills with you through hands on training seminars.

    They met while building a custom Indian motorcycle with a group of students at a technical college in Alabama years ago and quickly realized how effectively they can deliver an exciting and “infotaining” way of teaching. After co-authoring two books, Full-Bore Sheet Metal and Full-Bore Welding they have decided too take their company to the next stage, which is, personalized training. The skills and knowledge these two deliver in a short period of time will get you started on the right foot and develop the your ability to begin that project you’ve always wanted to. You will learn in one day what will take you months to figure out on your own.

    They presented their first seminars a couple years back at the Barber Motorsports Museums Vintage Festival in Birmingham Alabama as a trial run. The crowds we’re overwhelming with standing room only attendance. The requests for “more” has brought them to the point of developing a training program for anyone interested in the welding and sheet metal shaping world, the first seminar will take place at the home base of Fuller Moto in Atlanta, Georgia January 9-10 of 2016.

    The Seminar will consist of a full day of hands on training at Fuller Moto with Mark and Bryan. These seminars are focused for small select groups with beginning through intermediate skill levels. Whether you’ve never touched a TIG welder or even if you do have some experience, you will leave with better skills, more knowledge and the confidence to know you are doing it the right way. Topics covered include, TIG welding process, materials, puddle manipulation techniques, testing your welds, fillers, tungsten, polarities, procedures and all the other little things that make the big difference.

    Classes will be kept small to ensure great value and plenty of hands on time. The day will begin with introductions, lecture, and then hours of hands on welding. Students will be provided lunch, Full-Bore Books, Lincoln Electric and Fuller Moto swag. This is a specialized training performed by two people that operate at the highest levels of their trade, one a world-class builder and the other a professional instructor. Combined they deliver a very informative, exciting seminar that will surely have you feeling it was worth every nickel.


    Saturday January 9, 2016 | TIG Welding Steel $500
    Sunday January 10, 2016 | TIG Welding Aluminum $500

    Location: Fuller Moto, 250 Arizona Ave NE. Atlanta, Georgia 30307 (cross-street Dekalb Ave) right next to Arizona Lofts. Look for the big graffiti dragster guy on the outside of the building.

    Time: 8-5pm

    Safety gear and tools will be provided.

    If you are coming from out of town. Please see a list of hotels in the area below. If you need any further assistance with your planning, please contact Paige at 404-824-4509.

    Emory Conference Center (next to Emory University 3.5 miles from the shop) $139 a night

    The Ellis Hotel (downtown Atlanta 4.3 miles from the shop) $159 a night 

    Courtyard Marriott (near to Emory University - 5.9 miles from the shop) $139 a night


    Posted 03 November 2015

    Fuller Moto OTC Tools "Triple Speed" 

    Photos by: @matthewjonesphoto

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed

    Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto | Triumph OTC Tools Triple Speed


    Posted 25 October 2015

    Double Down | Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto SEMA Show Las Vegas

    For most of my working life, this time of year is a thrash to SEMA. It becomes the norm to work extremely long hours for months on end with very little sleep. For me, it is the thrill of the show that always fuels a build to the finish. SEMA is an event like no other. The best of the industry bring their A-Game to the show floor and just when you think you have seen it all, there is an entire hall that emerges out of nowhere; and if you are anything like me, you just can't get enough!

    Last year at SEMA, we debuted the Double Down, one of our most popular and widely shared builds. We shifted our focus this year to completing a long list of highly customized motorcycles (coming soon). But just so you know - yes, we are still building cars! We are currently working on a '40 Ford Pickup and Ford Model A Coupe with the hopes of bringing them to SEMA in 2016.

    If you happen to be attending this trade-only event, please come see me and say hi. I will be in the Lincoln Electric booth, (Booth 24643) on Wednesday, November 4th from 10am - Noon, giving out copies of their 3rd issue of ARC, a welding life-style magazine. Later that day you can find me in the OTC/Bosch booth from 1-3pm, where the OTC Triple Speed three-wheeler will be on display (Booth 16007). Hope to see you there!

    The SEMA Show takes place November 3 - November 6, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center located at 3150 Paradise Road; Las Vegas, NV 89109.

    The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more.

    OTC Tools Triumph Triple Speed | Bryan Fuller Fuller Moto

    Bryan Fuller, Jessi Combs, Chip Foose SEMA Show
    Double Down image photo credit:


    Posted 24 October 2015

    Red Bull Soapbox Race | SweetWater Brewery and Bryan Fuller, Fuller Moto

    In the movie Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby says "If you're not first you are last." In this case I think he had it all wrong! We didn't win the Red Bull Soapbox Race this year but we had a fine finish with one awesome launch before our poor "Fish" lost a wheel.

    photo credit: @stevennolan23 


    Posted 22 October 2015

    Saturday, October 24th come to North Avenue in Atlanta near Ponce City Market to cheer on Fuller Moto and SweetWater Brewery as they defend their Red Bull Soapbox title!

    Red Bull Soapbox Derby Race Atlanta 2015 | SweetWater Brewery and Fuller Moto


    Posted 01 October 2015

    ARC Magazine Inside Spread | Bryan Fuller

    ARC Magazine Cover | Bryan Fuller


    ARC Magazine Available in Tablet Version | Bryan Fuller

    photography by: Andrew Thomas Lee

    Download this issue of ARC Magazine by downloading the Lincoln Library App, available in
    Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


    Posted 01 October 2015


    By Jeff Herrington
    Photo | Andrew Thomas Lee

    ARC Magazine | Bryan Fuller and Zeke DeZeeuw

    When we think of teaching, we usually think of school buildings, classrooms packed with dozens of students and 50-minute lessons punctuated by a long-awaited bell. But some of the most famous teachers in history have passed along knowledge in a much more personal way, one protégé at a time. Socrates guided Plato on his exploration of what it meant to lead a virtuous life. Annie Sullivan showed Helen Keller how Braille could help her read and write. And University of North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith counseled John Thompson, Jr., his counterpart at Georgetown University, on the fine art of winning a national championship.

    Bryan Fuller, the force behind Fuller Moto in Atlanta and the host of Naked Speed on the Velocity Channel, has taken the same approach with 12-year-old Zeke DeZeeuw. Since their first meeting at a motorsports festival two years ago, the master builder of custom cars and motorcycles has become the unofficial mentor of the young Texas boy who’s gaining recognition as a whiz kid with a welding torch.

    “It’s really gratifying to show someone how to do a weld right,” Fuller says, “and then hear them say, ‘Wow, I did that! I didn’t know I could do that, but I can!’”

    Read the FULL Article >


    Posted 23 April 2015

    Photography by @MatthewJonesPhoto

    Fuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1968 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1960 Norton Misty Green by Bryan FullerFuller Moto 1960 Norton Misty Green by Bryan Fuller


    Posted 09 April 2015


    By Wesley Reyneke | Rather Be Riding 

    Photo | Mr. Jakyl Works 


    If Bryan Fuller’s name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, his face should. He’s the co-host of Naked Speed—Velocity’s popular, café-racer-centric show.

    Bryan’s been getting his hands dirty far longer than he’s been in show business though. His shop—Fuller Moto—has built up an impressive portfolio of hotrods and motorcycles. And he’s written some handy DIY books along the way.

    Read the FULL Article >  


    Posted 09 February 2015

    Chris Cantebury of Boxer Metal and his team will try to replicate 1976 by recreating the bike that Reg Pridmore used to win the first ever AMA Superbike championship. Moto Corse’s Chris Boy is a whiz at building Italian sport bikes and his challenge is to turn a used $3000 Ducati into a six-figure track bike worthy of helping him beat motorcycle racer, Ben Bostrom on a track.


    Posted 04 February 2015

    JET-Hot Coatings “Double Down”

    Fuller Moto | Double Down Deuce

    Photography by @MatthewJonesPhoto

    The Double Down began after a sit down with Gordon McGilton and Cheryl Herrick from JET-Hot Coatings to discuss a car build. They wanted to showcase their coatings in a vehicle that could be taken to many types of racing venues: auto-cross, ice racing, or Bonneville - why not?! 

    Most obvious is the big cast Winter's quick-change in the front where it doesn't belong! It's an independent rear unit made from their venerable Sprint Car roundy round models. There wasn't any blueprint on what to do since the only all wheel drive Deuce we knew of was the QuadraDeuce. Our solution was to make a custom billet transfer case on the back of the ring and pinion, forward the Boss Mammoth motor. To make room, a shorter LS style snout was machined on the crank, and only one small belt for the alternator could be fitted. 

    We wanted to have all Indy style pushrod suspension, which required moving the Griffin Radiator to the rear ala Trophy Trucks. Design, pivots, and bearings are real Indy units with billet rockers. Front coil covers and rear shocks are RideTech. Water pump is rated at 54 gallons per minute. 

    Design: Bryan Fuller and Nick Grafias
    Built by: Fuller Moto’s Atlanta based Team
    Engine: 576 cu. in. Kurt Urban Prepped Jon Kaase Boss 9
    Power: 825 HP
    Transmission: G-Force 5 Speed
    Radiator:  Griffin Radiator
    Fasteners: ARP of course
    Transfer Case: GM NP 149 Magnesium Case rated 1000 ft. lbs.
    Rear End: Winter’s Quickchange with 4 Link
    Front Drive: Winter’s Independent Quickchange
    Wiring: American Autowire
    Interior: Custom Fuller Buckets with John Whitaker Leather
    Wheels: 15” X 10” Real Racing Aluminum
    Front Susp: Custom A-Arms & Hubs with RideTech Coilers
    Rear Susp: Custom 4 Link, Torsion Bars and Ride Tech Shocks
    Paint: Chastin Brand, Tim Garner, and Bryan Fuller

    Special Thanks: Cheryl Herrick, Gordon McGilton, Frank Kavanaugh, JET-Hot Team, Bryan Heidt, Wes Hines, Peter Fosburgh, Austin Peters, Chastin Brand, Paige Cannon Fuller, Artistic Silver Plating, Miller Powdercoating, JET Tools, Lincoln Electric, OTC, Industrial Depot, Kevin Byrd, Detroit Speed

    Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down

    Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down

     Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down


     Fuller Moto | AWD Double Down

    /// See Full Double-Down Photo Gallery ///


    Posted 26 January 2015

    Naked Speed World Premiere Party at SweetWater Brewery Atlanta, Georgia
    We had a great turnout last Thursday for our Ride & Release World Premiere of 'NAKED SPEED' at SweetWater Brewery. Check out the pics of the party below if you weren't able to make it. For those of you who did make it, we appreciate you coming out to watch the show! Next we head to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas for more exclusive party premieres featuring upcoming episodes. CLICK HERE for the full Episode Guide and check back to see more pics from these premiere events. Special thanks to those who helped make it happen - JET Tools, Lincoln Electric, Industrial Depot, Icon and of course the Velocity Channel and Chet Burks Productions. Photography by Barry Gamson. 
    NAKED SPEED Ride & Release Premier Party at SweetWater Brewery Atlanta, Georgia

    Posted 15 January 2015

    'Sound of Fury' is a conceptual cinematic piece that paints a portrait of Bryan Fuller and his work using sounds from various equipments, tools, and shop surrounding. Featuring: Fuller Moto's Custom Ducati Scrambler.

    Video created by:


    Posted 15 January 2015

    The NAKED SPEED Episode Guide shares a sneak peak of each upcoming episode.




    Posted 14 January 2015

    Go as bare as you dare....

    Hosts Bryan Fuller and Mike Seate challenge the best builders to strip down bikes "naked" on their quest for speed. A new series on Velocity - Wednesdays 10pm | 9pm central. 


    Posted 05 January 2015

    NAKED SPEED | Bryan Fuller

    Master builder Bryan Fuller and motorcycle journalist Mike Seate provide an insider’s look into the craft and culture of motorcycles. In each episode, Bryan and Mike discover top builders from all over the world, join them in stripping down bikes to bare metal and then highlight their transformation into fast and stylish, race-ready machines. From cafe racers, to street fighters, to land speed bikes, they tackle some of the most challenging builds. Bryan’s got the expertise to lend skilled hands when needed and Mike is the motorcycle wordsman and purist who knows almost everything there is to know about bikes. 

    This season Bryan and Mike share the triumphs and failures of top bike builders as they are challenged to strip bikes naked and ride them like there’s no tomorrow. The first episode of NAKED SPEED, world premiering Wednesday, January 28 at 10 PM | 9 PM c, reveals the dreams of Olympic bobsleigh gold medalist, Kaillie Humphries as she attempts to conquer one of the fastest rides of her life. Also, builder Dustin Kott breathes new life into a vintage Honda CB for a controversial celebrity who takes an active part in the bike’s metamorphosis. Season 1 concludes on Wednesday, March 4 with a first stop at London’s Ace Cafe, providing a historical look into the true pioneers of the cafe racer movement.

    NAKED SPEED is produced for Discovery Channel’s Velocity Network by Chet Burks Productions.


    Naked Speed Hosts Mike Seate and Bryan Fuller

    Naked Speed Hosts Mike Seate and Bryan Fuller

    Olympic Bobsleigh Gold Medalist, Kaillie Humphries

    Olympic Bobsleigh Gold Medalist, Kaillie Humphries 

    Dustin Kott | Kott Motorcycles

    Dustin Kott | Kott Motorcycles

    Moto Corso Performance in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida

    Moto Corse Performance in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    Dime City Cycles

    Dime City Cycles

    Pro World Champion Motorcycle Drag Racer, Ricky Gadson

    Pro World Champion Motorcycle Drag Racer, Ricky Gadson 

    British Barn Finds

    British Barn Finds

    Super Rat

    Super Rat

    Boxer Metal

    Boxer Metal




    Posted 05 November 2014

    'Full-Bore Welding' is the second in a series of how-to build books from Full-Bore Publishing, following ”Full-Bore Sheet Metal.” Bryan Fuller wrote the book with co-author and welding instructor Mark Prosser.

    The book breaks down the highly technical welding trade into easy-to-understand steps. It gives anyone interested in welding the knowledge needed to get started—from the necessary tools to purchasing and setting up a welding machine. “Full-Bore Welding” includes a special preface written by “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” television host Mike Rowe.

    /// BUY THE BOOK ///





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